Pre-prepared Products

Want something quick, easy and tasty? Take a look at our convenient heat and eat range.
chargrilled-chicken-breasts 2 Fully Cooked Chargrilled Chicken Breasts (180g)

Ready to Heat and Serve in 3 minutes! Perfect for salads, sandwiches, no mess, no fuss.

tomato-and-basil-breasts Tomato and Basil Breast (180g)

Family friendly marinade, moist and tender every time.

sweet-chilli-chicken-breasts Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast (180g)

Authentic flavours, makes a quick wholesome meal.

italian-schinitzel Italian Style Chicken Schnitzel (420g)

Fully cooked, baked not fried, perfect for your gourmet parmigiana.

salt-and-pepper-chicken-strips Salt & Pepper Crumbed Chicken Strips with a Golden BBQ sauce (420g)

Made from real chicken breast, perfect for a snack or even to make a gourmet burger.

per-peri-whole-butterflied-chicken Peri Peri Whole Butterflied Chicken (with an extra basting sauce)

Wholesome take home chicken heats in 20 minutes!

garlic-herb-butterflied-chicken Garlic & Herb Whole Butterflied Chicken

A flavour the whole family will enjoy, take it home and call it your own!

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