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Drumsticks (skin on)

Great for oven roasting, grill or on the BBQ. The skin adds that extra taste.

Chicken Wing Nibbles

The new family favourite, just add your favourite spice or marinade and roast or BBQ.

Chicken Necks

Nothing makes a better stock (can be frozen in cubes for future use) or a great value chicken soup.

Chicken Cutlet

A versatile chicken cut ideal for paella, gumbo and cacciatore style recipes or simply roasted.

Diced Leg Fillet

Versatile and great tasting, this great value cut is ideal for stir-fry, curries and casseroles.

Diced Chicken Breast

The easiest cut ever! Ready to drop into a pasta or casserole, perfect for pan frying for a quick and fuss free meal.

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