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Mt Barker Chicken
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Serves: 4

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Cheeseburgers
Why go out for dinner when you can have gourmet chicken breast burgers at home? Try making variations by using Swiss cheese, or add additional toppings like sliced pineapple, or tomato and lettuce. For a light version, leave off the cheese and bacon and add smashed avocado.
• 4 pieces Mount Barker Italian Style Chicken Schnitzel
• 4 slices short cut smoky bacon
• Oil spray
• 4 cheese slices
• 4 brioche buns
• Masterfoods Smokey Barbecue Sauce
1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
2. Line a baking tray with baking paper and arrange chicken schnitzels and bacon slices on it.
3. Spray bacon slices with oil.
4. Bake chicken and bacon for five minutes.
5. Turn schnitzels and bacon over.
6. Top schnitzels with cheese slices and return tray to oven for five more minutes, or until fully heated through.
7. Split and toast burger buns.
8. Top with chicken and bacon and drizzle with barbecue sauce.