Why Mt Barker Chicken is simply better

Raising Chickens
Raising chickens


Mt Barker chickens are free to do whatever they like, wherever they please.


Free after three


When they are about three weeks old, the barn doors open and our chickens can roam far and wide. They can forage through grass, explore our chicken play gyms and shade themselves under wigwams on hot days.


Home sweet home


At night, our birds return to their cosy barns. These are computer monitored to make sure it’s not a smidgeon too hot or too cold. There are even sprinklers to shower the chickens with cool water on scorching hot days.


Happy chappies


We do everything we can to keep our chickens relaxed and happy. We’ve even played them classical music.


When new chicks are in the barn, their stockman checks them at least every hour to make sure they are eating and drinking properly. Because chickens prefer a familiar face, the same stockman will stay with a flock as they grow. Only dark clothing can be worn as bright colours can frighten the chickens.
Once they are old enough to roam, the stockmen visit twice a day to make sure the chickens are behaving. Otherwise, they’re left alone.


A balanced diet


Mt Barker’s very young chicks have their own feed specially designed for tiny tummies.


When they’re old enough to wander outside, they are free to eat as much green grass and bugs as they choose. We also feed them a blend of grains, protein, vitamins, minerals and other goodies to keep them healthy.


  • Free Range Standards
    Free Range Standards Meeting these standards ensures chickens are given a happy, stress free environment.
    Free Range Standards
  • Landcare
    Landcare See what we’re doing to protect our unique wildlife.