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Do you have any questions about Mt Barker?
Unfortunately our chickens are unable to help. So please direct all initial enquiries to our Perth sales and marketing team.

Mt Barker Chicken – Metro office

Phone: 08 9435 3600
Sales Phone: 08 9435 3610
Fax: 08 9435 3680
Postal Address: PO Box 785 Rockingham 6968
Sales Address: 2 Alumina Rd
East Rockingham 6168
Free Range ChickenMt Barker Chicken is a part of Milne AgriGroup Pty Ltd ABN 92 008 919 579

  • Free Range Standards
    Free Range Standards Meeting these standards ensures chickens are given a happy, stress free environment.
    Free Range Standards
  • Landcare
    Landcare See what we’re doing to protect our unique wildlife.