Our Story

Our Story

It all started in 2001 on the fields of Mt Barker in Western Australia. A scenic setting surrounded by the breathtaking Porongurup range and vineyard fields in the Great Southern region.

This region is the perfect setting for our free-range promise. For the last 22 years we have been dedicated to producing high quality poultry products that meet the highest standards of animal welfare and farming practises.

Innovators and Free Thinkers

At the turn of the century, we pioneered the growing of free-range chickens in Western Australia working alongside other family-owned and operated free range chicken farms in the Great Southern region.

Our Free Range Philosophy

Free range farming is important because it enables chickens to exhibit their natural behaviour. When they roam outside, they get access to sunshine, fresh air, and a variety of natural foods, all of which promote healthy and natural growth.
They are free to roam and forage for seeds, insects and worms and are unrestricted when it comes to establishing their natural social structures.

Our chicken’s safety and security is of great importance to us. We safeguard them in their coops at night from extreme or harsh weather and predators such as foxes. These specially designed barns offer feed and water which is always readily available and are built to ensure our chooks have the right warmth or cooling when needed.

A bed of locally produced sawdust or straw is provided to each new hatch of chickens, and the old beds get removed and converted to fertilizer on nearby farms.

Our chickens are happy to go outside each day when the doors of the coops are opened. We encourage a calm and fun environment for them, playing classical music to them daily and providing a variety of play gyms to entice physical activity.

Our Story

Our Values

Not only were we pioneers in free range farming, but we were the architects of what we know today as RSPCA standardization and certification. We have always prided ourselves in being transparent about our animal welfare and farming practises, and for these reasons we aided in constructing an independent certification system that is a now used nationwide. We were the first free range chicken farms to be approved by the RSPCA in Australia and to this day remain the only RSPCA free range chicken farm in Western Australia.

Mt Barker Chicken doesn’t just invest in the best global standard animal welfare, we also invest in delivering global standard products to our customers. We’ve grown from our original offering of whole chickens and fresh chicken cuts to an entire range of premium products including marinated portions for easy grilling, fully cooked meals that are ready to heat and eat, and our carved fresh range that is ready to be eaten straight from the pack. All our products are made with natural ingredients – no hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrates, and no artificial colours or flavours.

Because We Should...

Giving our birds freedom to range outside is just part of the equation. The quality of our air, water and land is as equally important to us. Mt Barker is a pristine natural environment, and to ensure it remains so, we at Mt Barker Chicken are committed to being industry leaders in developing and applying environmentally friendly practises. Amongst other objectives, we are working towards being carbon neutral, improving the sustainability of our packaging and reducing food waste. Our partnership with Foodbank is a great way to ensure we continue with these improvements.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our commitment to excellence in welfare, environment and health standards extends from the farms through to our customer. Healthy RSPCA certified chicken, all natural ingredients, state of the art, quality-controlled facilities with all the right accreditations and standards to go with it. We are a BRC-AA accredited company which in other words means that we, Mt Barker Chicken, have the highest certification and accreditation that is recognised globally in ensuring our products meet the safety, legal and high-quality requirements.

Our People

Our People

All our people involved in helping us raise and handle our chickens are trained in our animal welfare standards. They ensure the chickens receive the best, stress-free environment and handling they could possibly get.

At the turn of the century, we pioneered the growing of free-range chickens in Western Australia